Raag Rageshree with Kaushiki Chakraborty

Session 1:

Duration :  (90 min)

  • Deep breathing.Sapaat (ascending, descending and practice of range)
  • Concept of taal and some basic taals with Bol and tali khali.
  • Random note practice (creativity and spontaneous combination of notes)
  • Palta

Session 2:

Duration :  (90 min)

  • Recapitulation of Day 1
  • Introduction to Raag and learning of Bandish (song) (slides with song lyrics, meaning and notation in reference to taal will be given)
  • Some practices of the Raga (sangam, taan) for homework.

Session 3: 

Duration :  (90 min)

  • Recapitulation of Day 2.
  • Checking Bandish and Sangam taan.

  • Arrangement of performance of particular Raga. (Structuring of performance from Alaap, Bandish, Vistaar, Sangam - Taal).

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