Corinne Gibbons

Singing Coach

Corinne Gibbons is an Australian singer, songwriter, children’s book author, music producer, creative director, environmentalist and activist for children’s voices. Her deep belief that young people can be empowered through creative expression and singing, has brought her to many corners of the earth in partnership with numerous charities, government groups and corporations, such as Phil Collins’ charity Little Dream Foundation, Caring for Cambodia, Tabitha Children’s Charity, St Jude’s Home, Playeum, Singapore’s Ministry of Education, among many others. In her work with Island Foundation in Indonesia, Corinne supported children in the indigenous Orang Laut community through programs she designed to activate voices and creativity, and to teach the community to preserve their heritage and legends in song. She engaged several thousand Indonesian children in her workshops over 8 years with The Island Foundation. As artist and creator, Corinne has written 3 musicals which have been successfully staged and performed to over 100,000 people. Corinne composed a hit song for the Australian television series Hi- 5 which has been translated into many languages and has reached millions of children globally. Additionally, she has produced 9 live concerts for children to share their original music.


Find the Sparkle in your voice with


A workshop for children in singing and mental well being. Expression and exercises through music, exploring tunes, fun lyrics and the joyful connection that music naturally supports.

Age Group: 8-12yrs

December, 2021


Session 1

Duration : 90mins

  • An introduction to - the science of singing.
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Learn one fun song.
  • Commence a song writing journey - techniques and introduction.
  • 10 minute break.
  • Spirit of song writing
  • Meditation and music.
* Homework will be given for the next day.

Session 2

Duration : 90mins

  • Recap and warm up exercises and a fun song!
  • We will then have a Q and A about the writing process. 
  • Share and express.
  • Tools to create rhythm and melody to develop the song.
  • Feedback and conversations.
  • Celebrate!